Hydraulic drives for circuit breaker


The hydraulic drives for circuit breakers ensure the safe transport of electricity. As the operating mechanism of circuit breakers, they have a key role in cutting off and switching on the electric current when problems arise (Storms, line breakage, sudden voltage rise…) as well as allow carrying out maintenance on high voltage lines.


ETNA Industrie hydraulic drives reputation comes from the repeatability and the precision of their command dead times for more than thirty years… They are able to provide very high energy, achieving the entire voltage range (70kV up to 800kV) with extremely short command dead times. Its wide operation range is suitable to many cases. All the components included in the drive have been designed by ETNA resulting in the continuous refinement of engineering expertise, which enables the company to keep engineering knowledge over years. The installed equipment is constituted of different generations of material.

A circuit breaker is equipped with one or three drives (single phases or linked poles). A drive consists of hereunder elements. Over time global arrangement has evoluted toward a stronger compacity and a smaller size.

1°/ GPO (Operational Power Group):

  • 1 command block allowing:
    • closing and holding in closed position
    • opening
  • 1 actuator (drives the contacts)
  • 1 hydraulic relay (flow rate amplification)
  • 1 or 2 accumulators (energy storage)
  • 1 auxiliary or main reservoir (oil storage)

2°/ Control panel allowing:

  • 1 motor pump unit (GMP)
  • 1 pressure switch:
    • - control of GMP
    • - lock-out closing
    • - lock-out or automatic tripping.
  • 1 safety valve
  • 1 main reservoir if required


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